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[wr_vc_section_heading title=”We build amazing and exclusive itineraries in Italy respecting every detail of expectations” title2=”ABOUT US” screen=”-sm” animate_delay_title4=”delay-11″][/wr_vc_section_heading]

Since the beginning of the company’s foundation, we have been dedicated to each trip with passion, overcoming many challenges. Throughout the years we have been honored with numerous quality assurance certifications recognizing our dedication to Luxury Travel in Italy.

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[wr_vc_section_title title=”Our Mission”][/wr_vc_section_title]

Is to guide our customers towards the most original and extraordinary experiences that Italy can offer, providing extraordinary trips to unknown places to experience a unique and memorable journey at least once in a lifetime.

[wr_vc_section_title title=”Our Philosophy”][/wr_vc_section_title]

For over 15 years it has been based on sharing knowledge and experiences with our customers and partners, seeking excellence in what we do, valuing people and respecting the culture and the territory we represent.

[wr_vc_section_title title=”Our Ambition”][/wr_vc_section_title]

From the very beginning of the company’s founding, it has created every journey with passion, overcoming many challenges. Over the years we have been honored with numerous certifications that recognize our dedication to luxury travel.

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[wr_vc_section_heading featyretype=”st2″ title=”Our Great Team” screen=”-sm”][/wr_vc_section_heading]
[wr_vc_section_title title=”“Patience, knowledge and discretion are key elements to the success of a company””][/wr_vc_section_title]
[wr_vc_teams image=”1461″ title=”Antonella Giancoli” title2=”CEO & Founder”][/wr_vc_teams]
[wr_vc_teams image=”1096″ title=”Marcello Giancoli” title2=”CEO Americas”][/wr_vc_teams]
[wr_vc_teams image=”1396″ title=”Nathália Bertoldo” title2=”Operations Manager”][/wr_vc_teams]
[wr_vc_teams image=”1098″ title=”Rhaiza Mota” title2=”Senior Travel Expert”][/wr_vc_teams]
[wr_vc_teams image=”1093″ title=”Anna Bartoli” title2=”Travel Designer”][/wr_vc_teams]
[wr_vc_teams image=”1095″ title=”Valentina Luvera” title2=”Operations (Italy)”][/wr_vc_teams]
[wr_vc_teams image=”1137″ title=”Renata Galli” title2=”Operations (Italy)”][/wr_vc_teams]
[wr_vc_teams image=”1209″ title=”Anas Salama” title2=”Operations Office”][/wr_vc_teams]
[wr_vc_section_heading featyretype=”st3″ title=”Stunning you with every detail offered throughout your stay with us is our only mission” title2=”PLAN YOUR TRIP” title3=”Upon arrival in Italy, you will have a personal concierge available 24/7 to assist you with any requests.” button_name=”Let’s Start” link_url=”https://dev.benarrivati.com/newsite/plan-your-trip/” screen=”-sm”][/wr_vc_section_heading]